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I had my first golden 22 years ago as a pet. From there I never looked back and soon had my second golden, next a litter and now I have four beautiful golden. I love to do many things with my goldens with each one doing some of the same things and some different, as I only have them do things they like to do. Halo loves conformation, barn hunt and rally, Cyrus loves anything he can do with me. Breezy and Skye are figuring out what they enjoy doing still. All my dogs do therapy work in the hospital and schools, which they all enjoy.

A number of my puppies have been placed in therapy homes and this my focus. I want to be able to place my puppies not just in pet homes but also in homes with children with sensory and anxiety disorders. 

I utilize Puppy Culture and AVIDog  in raising my puppies to give them the best start possible.

I do not breed often and I spend a lot of time and energy in bringing these puppies into the world with keeping in mind the breed standard , temperament and health . 

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