Quilasun Golden Retrievers is named after my heart dog , Quila. Now she wasn't my first golden but she was the one to put me on this path. I was fortunate to be able to breed her and to have guidance over the next 8 years ,in not only breeding her and her daughter,  Halo, but in learning what is the right way to breed. In keeping with the breed standard but also insuring that we are only breeding dogs with good health clearances, temperament and longevity. 


Golden Retriever dogs are known for their temperament , intelligence and their ability to be versatile. I have wanted to have dogs that can do different things from conformation, rally, obedience, barn hunt, agility, hunting, to being able to be therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and much more.

All of my dogs live in my home with me and puppies are raised there as well. I take pride in raising my puppies using Puppy culture and Avidog  methods.

Please check out my site and contact me with any inquiries